“Even the people closest to us can struggle with purpose and belonging.”

The truth is, even the people we love most can struggle with feeling adrift. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent years in church or haven’t stepped inside in decades. This longing for purpose and belonging, it whispers to everyone.

Do you know someone searching for purpose and belonging? Someone lost in a sea of faces?

They are among us, in the bustling city streets, on vibrant school grounds, and even the familiar walls of our home. 

But imagine this: sparking a light in your community that welcomes the lost, not with judgment, but with open arms and a listening ear. A place where questions are not just tolerated, but embraced as the fuel for discovery.

Alpha is that spark. It’s not about religion; it’s about igniting the journey of purpose and belonging. It’s about connecting with others who understand the ache of searching and celebrating the joy of finding answers, maybe even finding Jesus.

Join us, as we SEEK Families, Cities, Youth.

Download the video, start the conversation in your church, and watch the light spread. 

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