Ministry Highlights Report 2023
(August 2022 – July 2023)

In 2022, we served 529 churches and organisations that ran Alpha. Nearly 57% of those churches ran Alpha for the first time. Churches are beginning to hear about Alpha and running it for the first time. That is great news, and we know that the training resources and events we do all around the country are great opportunities to equip them to keep running and create space where others can share and explore faith.

We are so excited as a team to learn how we can better contextualise our resources and serve a diverse audience across Malaysia. Jesus came for every tribe, tongue, and nation, and we desire to serve and equip the Church by engaging with all denominations, ethnicities, and cultures. With intentionality, we have grown significantly in understanding how to serve and resource diverse churches through contextualised products and training.

We launched the Chinese Alpha Film Series (CAFS) and the Alpha Youth Series in Iban across major cities in Malaysia. A total of 213 churches and teams ran Alpha using the CAFS, providing many of their family members, colleagues, and friends a safe space to explore life, faith, and meaning through representation, their heart language, and content that is culturally relevant to them.

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