Alpha for Prisons

What is it?

Alpha for Prisons focuses on assisting volunteers from local Malaysian churches to run Alpha in prisons, halfway houses, and drug rehabilitation centres.


Alpha is a practical introduction to the Christian faith and is open to people of any background. It runs as a series of weekly meetings which each involve a time of being together amongst the inmates and volunteers, a talk and small group discussion. The discussion (if allowed by the correctional facility) is conducted in such a way that everyone is free to ask or say whatever they wish.


There are fifteen talks on the Alpha course, covering the basic principles of the Christian Faith. The talks are given over a ten-week period.


Internationally, Alpha has been successfully run in all types of prisons and correctional institutions for both men and women, and has also been used in young offender and juvenile institutions. Alpha runs in prisons in more than 80 countries worldwide, including 73% of prisons in the United Kingdom.


“I rejoice at how God is using Alpha so powerfully to renew many churches both inside and outside prison walls.”
— Chuck Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries

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What are the talk topics?

Introductory Session - Is there more to Life than this?
Session 1 - Who is Jesus?
Session 2 - Why Did Jesus Die?
Session 3 - How Can I Have Faith?
Session 4 - Why and How do I Pray?
Session 5 - Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
Session 6 - How Does God Guide Us?


Alpha for Prisons Holy Spirit Sessions


Session 1 - Who is the Holy Spirit?
Session 2 - What does the Holy Spirit do?
Session 3 - How can I be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
Session 4 - How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?

Session 7 - How Can I Resist Evil?
Session 8 - Why and How Should I Tell Others?
Session 9 - Does God Heal Today?
Session 10 - What about the Church?


Emmanuel was invited to try Alpha whilst in prison for his part in the Rwandan Genocide. This is his story