Join us to pray for the work of Alpha around Malaysia and its mission to equip the local church to help invite people to explore the Christian faith.

Global Alpha Campaign

The Global Alpha Campaign with Bear Grylls launched globally last year and we are hopeful for its continued impact this year.


Alpha for Church

This month, we will be praying for the Alphas that are currently running or Alphas that are about to start in Churches all over Malaysia. Find out which churches are/will be running Alpha by clicking on the button below.


你渴望目睹千万个马来西亚的青少年人来认识主耶稣吗?相信当我们同心协力来服侍时,这事必然发生。主题为 “光 2017” 将有介绍派对开始,连接着有其他精彩的环节,包括启发课程须知和领导青少年及大专生事工的秘诀。




Alpha Youth Series 2.0

We are launching a brand new, totally reimagined, Alpha Youth Series in 2017!

Pray Right Now

1. Pray for all the Alphas running in Churches this month.

2. Pray for the Global Alpha Campaign as it is launched in Malaysia and over 60 other countries around the world.

3. Pray for the production of the new Alpha Youth Series.

24-7 Prayer works closely with Alpha to see prayer mobilised across the world and have helped to develop

24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice working in more than half the nations on earth. They help millions of people in thousands of locations to encounter God and engage with the needs of the world.

For prayer ideas, creative prayer resources and ways to get involved, check out 24-7 Prayer.