Alpha Workplace Conversations (AWc) 2019

Alpha Workplace Conversations (AWc) 2019

On July 6, we ran the Alpha Workplace Conversations 2019 at the Penang Performing Arts Centre for 132 delegates from 55 different companies and 30 churches around Malaysia.

This one-day gathering was held to inspire and equip believers in the workplace to share the gospel with their colleagues and be trained to use the tool of Alpha as a way of inviting their colleagues to explore the Christian faith.

Our first speaker was Ps Dr Philip Lyn, a medical doctor and the senior pastor of Skyline SIB Church in Kota Kinabalu. He currently leads a team of ten non-salaried bi-vocational pastors who work full-time in both ministry and the workplace. During his talk, he shared about the importance behind finding the meaning and purpose of our position in the workplace. He said “We spend more than one third of our adult lives in the workplace ... and God's call for us is to find both meaning and purpose in our work. The Hebrew word of 'work' (avodah) means both 'work' and 'worship'. God will establish the work of our hands as we choose to live out our calling as ministers in the workplace!”

We also had actor and YouTuber Brandon Ho, share about how the gospel is changing lives in his church through Alpha. In his reflection on the challenges of being a Christian in the entertainment field, he talked about the importance of staying faithful to God through giving despite the sacrifices. He said, “Always put God first, and everything else will follow. God, people, earth -- in that order. He will not be out-given when you honour Him with your giving.”

During the panel, Jill Ong shared about her journey as an Alpha in the Workplace coach and how she discovered the effectiveness of Alpha. She is now coaching others to become workplace leaders so that they too, can share the gospel in their workplaces with their colleagues.

Another highlight during the panel was Daniel Khoo’s story and experience with Alpha. He is currently the Director of IT Advisory Practice in Ernst and Young and has run Alpha in the workplace four times, seeing more than 30 people experiencing Alpha.

We truly hope that all the delegates were able realise the importance of their positions in the workplace and be inspired and equipped to share their faith with their colleagues.

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