Transforming Parishes '19

Transforming Parishes '19

Culture is determined by what we celebrate. When we celebrate and reward something, we communicate what is important and reinforce it.
— Fr James Mallon, Episcopal Vicar for Parish Renewal and Leadership Support of the Archdiocese of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

We held Transforming Parishes at the Alpha Hub in KL on June 13, where 191 clergy and laity participants, from 12 different nations across the Asia Pacific region attended.

It was the first time that an Alpha Catholic Context conference was hosted in Asia. The aim of the event was to motivate clergy and laity from the Catholic Church to bring their parishes from maintenance to mission. We were incredibly honoured to have Father James Mallon (Author of best-selling book “Divine Renovation”; Episcopal Vicar for Parish Renewal and Leadership Support of the Archdiocese of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia) as the main speaker. 

Throughout the course of the day, Father James shared his thoughts and learnings throughout his time in ministry, especially highlighting the importance of evangelisation and how he used Alpha to move his parish towards a missionary focus. The delegates were also given opportunities to exchange ideas as well as share the challenges they face in ministry.

One of the delegates, Monsignor Henry Rajoo (Parish Priest of the Church of Sacred Heart, Kulim) commented, “I always felt like there is not much that can be done and the church is going to perish like what happens in other places in the world but Fr James Mallon aroused in me new hope and possibility of transforming my parish. Although this could be challenging, it will pave the way for a meaningful life.”

While Father Anthony Liew from Church of St Michael, Ipoh shared that, “it was very enriching to participate in Transforming Parishes. It makes me aware of the importance of transforming our parishes from maintenance to mission. I was inspired in reading the book "Divine Renovation" and even more encouraged to strive for parish missions with my parishioners together after hearing from Fr James Mallon”.

Through this event, we hope that the delegates were encouraged and equipped to see how their parishes could be revitalised through the work of evangelisation.

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