Experiencing Alpha '19

Experiencing Alpha '19

Our culture has shifted from needing proclamation [of truth] alone to conversation.
— Craig Springer, Executive Director of Alpha USA.

On June 12, we held our annual Experiencing Alpha conference here at the Alpha Hub in Kuala Lumpur, with over 600 pastors and leaders across 20 different countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

The event was an opportunity for church leaders to learn, experience and be equipped about the heart of Alpha, and explore the various resources offered. This year, we got to hear from Craig Springer (Executive Director of Alpha USA) who spoke on the culture of evangelism and the need to understand the values of the current society, in order to reach them better.

Another highlight from the day was the session on church growth by Melinda Dwight (National Director of Alpha Australia). She spoke on the importance of serving every church and also encouraged delegates to be ready in the day of opportunity and step up to what God is calling them to do.

Delegates also got to participate in a practical session led by Abel Cheah (National Coordinator of Alpha Malaysia) and Dan Millest (Associate Vicar of HTBB Church) where they shared about the seven best practices of running an Alpha. As the final programme of the day, delegates were given the chance to observe the process of how an Alpha is run in HTBB Church. 

Sharing her learnings from the conference, a delegate from India stated, “[Alpha] is really teaching us what the world needs, which is, belonging and love. These are the keys to evangelism.”  

This yearly event continues to serve as a spark for new ideas of sharing the Christian faith in an effective and relevant way. We hope to see more churches and organisations blessed by the Alpha tool, so that they can help more people take that first step to know Jesus.

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