RunAlpha Tamil 2018

RunAlpha Tamil 2018

Some people think Alpha is against their culture but actually Alpha has to be approached with cultural principles and should be viewed through one’s own cultural context
— Ps. Elisha Vergil, Trinity Full Gospel Church, India.

On February 9 - 10, we had the first ever RunAlpha Tamil Conference at HTBB (Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang), Kuala Lumpur. A total of 147 delegates from over 20 different churches across Malaysia and India came to attend.

The event was designed to train and equip Tamil Churches with Alpha and The Marriage & Parenting Courses resources which have now been made available in Tamil. It was a great honour for us to have Rev. Dr Ratnam Paul, Ps Elisha Vergil and Marky Gnanadeepan who had come all the way from India to speak at the conference.

The first night of the event kicked off with a great time of worship led by the FGAKL worship team. The night then continued with the plenary session by Rev. Dr. Ratnam Paul who shared an inspiring message regarding "The Way Forward" for the Tamil church, encouraging delegates to "wake up" and start moving for Jesus. The rest of the two days were filled with various programmes consisting sessions on Integrating Alpha into the Wider Church Context, Developing and Growing the Next Generation and model sessions for Alpha as well as The Marriage & Parenting Courses. 

One of the highlights of the conference was the "Planning & Practicalities" session where delegates were asked to brainstorm about the goals and strategies needed, to reach out to their community using Alpha and The Marriage & Parenting Courses. It was an awe-inspiring moment to see delegates passionately expressing their ideas and challenging one another to dream big in their efforts to share the gospel. 

The conference concluded with a powerful prayer session where delegates prayed for each of the churches represented at the conference as well as the Tamil work happening across the globe.

We hope to see more people from all ethnicities and language groups across Malaysia, encouraged and empowered to live their lives for Jesus and to share His good news.

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