GLOW U 2019

GLOW U 2019

Will you GO? Will you GLOW? You need only be willing to step out to do what you can do
— Wini Heron, National Director of Alpha Malaysia

On March 2 , we held GLOW U for the very first time at the Alpha Hub in Lot 10, with 110 university students from 30 different campuses across Kuala Lumpur.


The leadership development event was created with the aim to inspire and equip university students in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Faith and Talent. We were extremely honoured to have Ben Woodman (Co-host, Alpha Youth Series), Brandon Ho (Actor, TV Host, YouTuber), Sasibai Kimis (CEO of Earth Heir, Abel Cheah (National Coordinator, Alpha Malaysia) and Wini Heron (National Director of Alpha Malaysia) speak at the event.


The day was filled with a variety of programmes ranging from inspiring sessions on “Renewed Success”, leadership and transformation to fun activities like The Coconut & Banana Gameshow.


One of the highlights of the event was "The Pitch". In this segment, participants were placed in groups and were tasked to strategise and pitch proposals for various areas of development in a social enterprise called Earth Heir, focusing on ideas that would enable refugees and indigenous communities to start business initiatives.

One of the students stated, “[A personal highlight for me] is during the [Pitch] presentation. We got to brainstorm together - even though we had just met - about ideas of which is good and which is bad; and challenge each other”.


The conference finally concluded with a session on “Relying on the Holy Spirit”, where participants were challenged to take a selfie of themselves, insert the names of three friends who do not know Jesus into the photo and commit to pray for them in the next 6 months.


We hope that this event has encouraged participants to be influencers and sources of change, wherever they are placed, in whatever capacity they have right now and in the future.

Watch the look back video featuring top highlights from the event!

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