Grace's (Yan Kee) Story

Grace's (Yan Kee) Story

I have always lived a pretty contented life where I had good people around me and opportunities came when I went knocking. I knew God existed but I never really explore a personal relationship with Him. To me, life was constantly led by rules, regulations and sometimes superstitions and fear. Religion was the last thing I had on my mind.

About a year ago, my relationship of three years came to a halt. Although we ended things amicably, there was an emptiness I struggled to fill and it felt like I was falling down a rabbit hole.


It was on a random weeknight that an Alpha sticker on my colleague's car caught my eye. I asked him about it and he invited me to join an Alpha session at his church. I agreed though a bit reluctantly. (He even made me put it in my calendar!)

My first session in Alpha caught me by surprise. After watching an episode of the Alpha Film Series (AFS), I had so many questions. One of them being - if God is real, why is there only ONE God? I found myself looking forward to each week of Alpha. I even started attending the sessions on my own without my colleague after a while.


It was at the Alpha Weekend Away that I found myself encountering God for the first time. I remember praying: "God, if you are indeed real then come into my life". Later during a prayer session, I felt a sudden presence of God and heard Him say, "You deserved to be loved" and I broke down in tears. It was a if my burden was lifted, and I was filled with hope.

Alpha truly gave me an outlet to question about life and build relationships with amazing people every day. God's grace came for me when I was lost so I have a new name - Grace. I wake up each day to worship music, knowing that God goes with me each day and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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