Bringing church to the workplace

Bringing church to the workplace

Malaysia to Hong Kong

God hasn’t ceased to amaze me

Through Alpha, Mun Shing’s life has been transformed: now, she’s serving in full-time ministry in one of the most difficult environments of all.

Mun grew up in a small town in Malaysia, in a typical, loving, middle-class family, before moving to Hong Kong for work. Life was good, but something was missing.

Mun’s happy life was shaken when she lost someone close to her. "Markus was like a brother to me," she says. "He was only twenty-three and had such a bright future ahead of him. After Markus’ death I was in a semi-depression but this blow finally led me to God. In one person’s death, I found new life."

When she returned to work following Markus’ funeral, a friend encouraged her to go to his church. Within a few short weeks she was captivated, and when she saw Alpha being advertised she signed up — a decision that totally transformed her life.

At the end of her first night, her Alpha leader offered to pray for her. Mun felt tears streaming down her cheeks as she gave her life to Christ.

"God hasn’t ceased to amaze me," Mun says. "With God in my heart, life has become more meaningful and purposeful. I have learned to focus less on myself and to be more humble, for I am nothing without him."

"It can be so hard to bring people to church," Mun explains. "So why not bring church to them? Workplace fellowship is the best example of being a missionary in the workplace." She was so fired up that she started a workplace fellowship in her old company in Hong Kong before moving to Malaysia to serve in full-time ministry. 

Her group also ran Alpha in the workplace. Alpha is increasingly found in a variety of different settings across the world, such as workplaces, schools, prisons and residential homes, helping people from all walks of life to discuss the meaning of life. Alpha is also spreading rapidly right across Asia, with South Korea and India being just two examples of where there has been a huge increase in the number of courses.

Alpha Workplace Conference 2016

We at Alpha are organising an Alpha Workplace Conference, designed for every Christian who wants to reach out to their colleagues with the good news of Jesus Christ. Come with a team from your office and be equipped to intentionally evangelise using the Alpha Workplace tool. 

Find out more information on the conference, including registration details, on our Events page.

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