Imagine a day where young people from all sorts of backgrounds, come to a space to hangout over food, play some games together, watch an episode of the Alpha Youth Series (AYS) and have discussion about life and faith in a relaxed, relevant and non-threatening way, That's what a typical Alpha for Youth and Campus session looks like! You can run Alpha in your school, youth hall, home, café, college, university, hostel or anywhere you want! Watch how Eugenie runs Alpha at her university.

Additional Info:

Duration: It’s typically run over 10 weeks with a weekend/day away in between.

Age group: Suitable for those aged between 13-23 years old.

Language available: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil. Contact us if your preferred language is not in the option above.

Cost: Free of charge!

Ready to Run Alpha?

1. Register (It’s all free!) your Alpha here (There is a tutorial video on that page on how to maximise the website)

2. Gather a team and watch the Team Training Video (You can download them from the website after you register)

3. Invite your friends (FB event page, flyers, promo video, etc.)

4. Invite your friends and have fun!


Watch the Episodes

The new series is now available in English

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 Aaron (left) & Paul (right)

Aaron (left) & Paul (right)

Ever wondered what would happen when you put an INTJ and an ENFP in a team?

You get a wonderfully chaotic mess! Both Paul and Aaron are the Development Manager and Development Coordinator for the Alpha for Youth and Campus team in Malaysia. One is a Manchester United fan, one is a Liverpool fan and this wonderfully chaotic duo are passionate in seeing young people encounter Jesus!

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