Velicham 2019

Velicham 2019

We need to be the change the world needs.
— Reverend Kumarathevan.B

On July 26 - 27, we held Velicham, our first Alpha Youth Conference in Tamil. There were 242 people from 33 different churches who attended.

The aim of this event was to encourage young people that unity is greater than division; and to inspire them to share the love of Jesus to their friends through Alpha. During the event, we had the great privilege to have three speakers from different churches and denominations share their wisdom.

Our first speaker was Reverend Dr Dennis Raj from the Tamil Annual Conference, who shared about the importance of knowing that God is our greatest friend. Reverend Father George Harrison from Holy Family Kajang, was our second speaker. He spoke on finding our identity in Christ and how God knew us before we were formed in the womb. Our final speaker, Reverend Kumarathevan.B from One Sanctuary, shared about the importance of evangelism and how “we need to be the change the world needs.”

A highlight from the event was during the breakout sessions when Pastor Abraham talked about his experience in mission work and the importance of it. Madam Jasmine Adikalam also shared with our youths about leadership.

It was truly inspiring to witness pastors and people of different churches and denominations gather as one because of their passion for young people, and their presence made this conference an ecumenical event. We hope that through Velicham, the delegates were inspired, equipped and empowered to share the gospel.

Check out some of the best highlights from the conference in the video below!

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