Alpha Workplace Conversations 2018

Alpha Workplace Conversations 2018

The Alpha Workplace Conversations was held on August 4 in SIB Skyline, Kota Kinabalu, with a total of 160 people from various companies and organisations.

The aim of the event was to encourage and challenge Christians in the workplace by sharing experiences of running Alpha in workplaces across Kota Kinabalu city. Various great speakers like Ps Benny Ho, Ps Philip Lyn, Ps Andrew Chow, Helga and Paulus Lagadan spoke on that day covering topics including "Work, Worship & Witness in reference to the Biblical prospective to Work", "4 Winning Attributes in the Workplace" and also their experiences of running Alpha in their workplaces and how they have kept going till now.

A panel session was also held during the event, featuring various business owners, the head of play school and a secretary. They shared how they overcame anxieties and challenges through the mentoring and support by the Sabah Alpha Core team and Alpha Malaysia, spurring them to run Alpha continuously.

One of the resolutions set during the Conversation was confirming five venues across the city that would kick start Alpha, where anyone attending the event were welcomed to assist.

We hope that through this event, workplace believers have been equipped and envisioned to reach out in their respective workplaces. 

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