Training Future Teachers

Training Future Teachers

On June 25th, the Alpha for Youth and Campus team conducted an Alpha team training for 130 teachers-in-training from all over Malaysia.

The essential aim of an Alpha team training is to provide people with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to run Alpha. For this particular event, the teachers-in-training were trained with the hope that they would be able to run Alpha in their teachers' training college as well as the schools they would teach in, in the future. 

The event was held at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur that Saturday. Before the official training began, the Alpha for Youth and Campus team carried out an ice-breaker session. It was a great time for everyone to relax, have fun and get to know each other better.

After the ice-breakers, the teachers were then separated into two groups - about two equal halves in number - to be trained in Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia respectively. They first went through training part one, "Alpha Essentials" which was where they were introduced to the idea, the story and the basics of Alpha.

The session then continued with part two which is on "Small Groups" where the trainees learned about how to run an Alpha small group and the different role required in it. The event concluded with a model session where the teachers watched an episode from the Alpha Film Series and had the opportunity to practice an Alpha small group scenario

Throughout that day, many teachers were inspired to use the Alpha tool. We hope that this training, and all future ones, continue to drive and encourage young people to share their faith in a modern and relevant way.

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