GLOW 2016

GLOW 2016

GLOW is back!

On June 24 - 25, we had the Alpha youth conference, GLOW at Acts Church, USJ.  Over 450 young people came to attend, not only from over 80 churches in Malaysia but also from across Asia Pacific.

The event was held to inspire young people to live out invitational lifestyles using Alpha. As this was our second year running GLOW, a new track was added for those who already had experience running Alpha. We were incredibly thrilled to have both Ben and Jason of the Alpha Youth Film Series as our speakers this year. 

The event started off with a phenomenal GLOW-in-the-dark opening act by PsycuSix flow artists. It was then followed by two days filled with a variety of programmes comprising of sessions covering topics on how to run Alpha, learning each other's best practices; exciting games, a flashmob, watching an episode of the Alpha Youth Film Series and an interview session with Rev Miles Toulmin, Ben and Jason.

One of the highlights of the conference however was 'The Coconut and Banana Show' hosted by Paul and Aaron of the Alpha for Youth/Campus Team. It featured Ben and Jason as guests where they along with the participants, had 3 epic battle rounds -  The Lip-Sync, The Guess-Sync and The Pass-Sync.

The conference concluded with a challenge for all the participants where they were asked to write the names of friends they wanted to pray for on a balloon, pass them around in the air, pick one randomly and pray for the names written on it for the next 6 months.

It is our hope that this event will inspire and encourage young people to live their lives for Jesus and to make Him known to their generation.

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