Yee Siblings' Story

Yee Siblings' Story

We spoke to the Yee siblings, Esther and Deborah on their experience of running Alpha in their workplace and what sets it apart from running Alpha in church.

What made you decide to run Alpha in your workplace and how was it different from inviting people to an Alpha in church instead?

E: Alpha in the workplace is targeted at our colleagues and held during lunchtime within our office premises. Inviting them to Alpha at the workplace is like inviting them to join us for lunch, with the added value of watching a film and discussion. We found that it was much easier to persuade them to join us for Alpha during lunchtime as they need not take time off from their families or personal time as compared to attending Alpha in church.


What was the most memorable moment during Alpha in your workplace?

D: I found the first week to be the most memorable. We had launched the "Alpha Lunch Party" to stir the excitement for people to come and see for themselves. I've always loved the first video, "Is There More To Life Than This" - it was a very relevant question to ask and it got people intrigued about Christianity.

At first, we only had two registered participants for the party but to our amazement, in just one and a half weeks, we had more than 70 guests registered. We had to order more food! Having gone from two registrants to more than 70 was an encouraging start for us. 

Did it turn out like how you expected it?

E: It turned out way better than expected - we has a consistent average attendance of 35 participants each week.

D: Yes, and more. We never thought we could have so many people coming back each week and we sometimes get colleagues visiting from different offices. It was great!


How does that affect your faith?

D: I'm more passionate about having people know about Jesus and Christianity. Prior to this, talking about faith would have been the last thing that I'd do in a professional context.

E: It was very edifying and at the same time, exciting to deploy the Alpha Film Series as a tool for evangelism in the harvest field. It is equally uplifting to lead my colleagues in prayer to receive the Holy Spirit and to see them beaming with joy thereafter.


Typically conducted during lunch breaks or in the evening after work, Alpha in the Workplace has been active in over 80 offices around Malaysia, from factories to multinational corporations.

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