Lizzie's story

Lizzie's story

BCCM Kota Kinabalu

I cried out to the Lord saying ‘Thank you, Lord’.

My name is Lizzie and I come from a Buddhist background. In the past I remember feeling unsettled always and having a lot of fear. I never felt the peace which I so desired. Whenever I went to areas which are dark or to the cemetery, fear would overtake me. I tried everything from wearing crystals and using horoscopes, nothing helped. Then my husband Thomas and I started having problems. I think we were both seeking a mutual belief, one religion which would make the difference to help us settle down. 

One day Thomas’s friend invited us to a Sunday Service at BCCM Kota Kinabalu and we went. A few days later, the pastor called to invite us to Alpha and we attended. At the time we had a challenge on our hands, we were attending Buddhism class twice a month while Alpha was to be a weekly commitment. After the first session at Alpha we decided to continue with Alpha and withdrew from the other class. 

Why did we choose Alpha? What was it that was so attractive to make us choose Alpha over Buddhism class after just the first session? Well, at Alpha we were not only clearly introduced to what the course was about but the church people were very kind and caring. We also felt joyful at Alpha where we played ice-breaker games and sang worship songs. This was a totally different vibe from what we experienced at Buddhism class. 

At Alpha I learnt that Jesus died for our sins, that He loves us and He gave eternal life for those who believe in Him. I had a dream the evening before attending our session on ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’. In my dream I walked in a place full of peace and I saw a figure in white and this person seemed kind and loving. The place was filled with peace. Exactly the place I had sought for so long and one which the world cannot give. Because I love my mom, I asked this person if she would come to this place and the answer was yes. Then the scene changed and I found myself in a frightening place and I was overcome by fear. I wanted to leave but the evil would not let me go. I was so fearful but I shouted "In the name of Jesus!" three times. It released me and I woke up. I understood that I had a choice between a peaceful place or a fearful place. Thomas and I decided accept to Jesus Christ as our saviour and to be baptised.

Today we have turned our backs on our old ways and pray at every opportunity. My marriage has really improved. Jesus is our common goal. I suffered two miscarriages before accepting Jesus Christ. We prayed for a baby and God blessed us. I prayed and submitted my family to the Lord. I invited them to attend Alpha. Over the following five years, 20 family members have joined in the celebration of baptism and they came to Christ because of Alpha. Thomas and I were the first to be baptised with my father-in-law. Next it was my mom, my aunts and cousins. The following year it was my dad, brother and aunt. Thereafter my first son was baptised. And then it was my uncle, aunt and my younger son.

Finally I just want to share the Word of God:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:16-17, NIV)

Thank you, Lord! 


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