Ask Benih

Facing challenges while running Alpha? Ask our handy little helper, Benih for some top tips that will help you run a great alpha, wherever you are! There is no question too big or too small.


Q: Dear Benih, can I change the weekly Alpha discussion questions?

A: We don’t recommend changing the Alpha discussion questions because they are specifically created based on the topic for each week, targeted to encourage conversation. If you are concerned that the questions may be difficult for your guests to understand, you can try paraphrasing them using simpler words while maintaining the meaning of the intended question.

e.g. challenges while running Alpha, how to encourage my team, things to look out for when running Alpha in various contexts

Q: Dear Benih, what is Workplace Alpha?

A: Alpha in the Workplace is usually run by Christians in their workplaces during lunch time or after work; inviting their colleagues to encounter Jesus and experience His love. This gives them the opportunity to freely explore their unique questions about life, faith and God without having to travel after/during work. Many people have been greatly encouraged as this gives them a structured but laidback platform to bring the good news of Jesus to their workplaces.

Q: Dear Benih, what is Alpha marriage?

A: The Marriage Course and The Marriage Preparation Course are designed to help couples grow closer and build a strong, loving relationship that will last a lifetime. The Marriage Course runs over 8 sessions (including The Marriage Course Party) providing space for couples to talk about important issues that might otherwise get swept under the carpet in the rush of daily life. While The Marriage Preparation Course runs over 5 sessions, where couples learn important tools that will enable them to make their marriage flourish. Learn more about the courses here.

Q: Dear Benih, what is youth Alpha?

A: Alpha runs in various contexts and one of them is Alpha for Youth and Campus. The same Alpha content is done in a fun, interactive way in church youth groups, schools and universities. It’s a chance for young people to invite their friends to explore the meaning of life and faith from a Christian perspective.

Q: Dear Benih, where can I get the Alpha resources?

A: If you are looking for the physical copies of our resources, e.g. books and USB drives, you can visit any Canaanland bookstore in Malaysia or purchase the items on their website here. If you are looking for the soft copy of our resources, e.g. the Alpha talks, training videos, team training guide etc, most of them are free for download after you register your Alpha on our site here.

Q: Dear Benih, can Alpha come and help me run my course?

A: As an organisation, we do not run Alpha. Our role is to provide trainings to churches and other organisations, so that they can run their Alpha well. We believe that equipping and empowering the local church to reach out in their respective communities. You know your people best and would be the most effective at reaching them!

Q: Dear Benih, can do I reduce some of the Alpha sessions?

A: We highly recommend that you run all the sessions because we have found in practice that this is how Alpha works best. The main reason is that the topics are progressive, building on each other. Hence, it would potentially be confusing for guests to go through Alpha with missing sessions. Also, what we have noticed is that topics which we think guests might be not interested in, can in fact be very important to them. We have also found that when churches run all the Alpha sessions, the guests are more likely to stay throughout the weeks.

Q: Dear Benih, how do I facilitate an Alpha session?

A: To learn how to facilitate an Alpha session, it is very important that you and your team get trained. During the training, you will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a host and a helper, creating the right atmosphere and more. We regularly see the Alphas that train their teams do far better and last longer than those that jump in with no training. We recommend that you start your training by watching these training videos on our website, specially made to equip you and your team to run the best Alpha. There are three sets of videos in total: Alpha 101, Creating the Experience, Ministry on Alpha. Please login or create a new account to view the videos.

If you prefer to be personally trained by one of our staff, you can contact us at